MindfulGames Study: Earn PHP 600 in 2 hours

Mindful Games Study

If you are an adult, age 18 or older, come participate in our study in Quezon City. You will receive PHP 600 for two sessions (on different days), 1 hour each.

Our study involves playing simple and fun computer games while safely monitoring your brain activity.


Study Location:

BetterMind, 935 Aurora Blvd corner Pittsburgh St.
Brgy. Silangan, Quezon City, Philippines

  • 18+ years old
  • Do not suffer from Epilepsy
  • Do not have severe vision problems
  • Have valid ID

What Our Participants Are Saying





It was actually fun and you get paid to play simple video games. The staff are nice and very accommodating.
Participating in a BetterMind research study was fantastic! The staff were incredibly kind and approachable, creating a comfortable and even fun atmosphere. The research itself was engaging, and knowing I was contributing to mental health research made it even more rewarding.

- Jarman

If you are looking for extra cash and a fun way to do it. I would highly recommend participating in a research study at BetterMind. The staff and atmosphere are very accommodating and the games are fun and interactive!

- Edrian

100% legit, their facility is very clean, staff are good and approachable, with free wifi and free snacks I will definitely recommend this company to my friends and relatives.

- Angel

The most interesting part for me is the actual study itself. I'm fascinated by the technologies they use during the sessions and how they all work together. It really sparked my curiosity!

- Gene

The games are entertaining and easy! It’s also nice to know that you get to contribute to the research study for innovation. I would totally recommend this to my family and friends. The people are welcoming and nice!

- AA

The study involves playing simple computer games for up to an hour, while your brain activity is measured with an EEG headset.

EEG is completely safe, and no gel or any other substance is applied to your scalp.

The study involves two sessions, at our office in Quezon City.
No special preparation is needed.

Arrive 15 minutes before your time slot to receive the instructions.

Bring your valid ID, and have your Gcash account ready.
The study is conducted by BetterMind, a research organization developing new and innovative technologies for human wellness and mental health.

The study is facilitated by Bruntwork, a leading outsourcing company here in the Philippines.
After completing the first session, we will arrange for you to come back on a different day to complete the second session and transfer 200 PHP to your Gcash account immediately.

Once you complete the second session, we will transfer 400 PHP to your Gcash account.
Simply fill out the registration form below.

If you are eligible, we will email you a link to book your first session.

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